Essay on the Bounty

                                                       The Bounty essay     

In human daily life we get to experience many difficulties, and people try to destroy our dream just because of who we are. In ” Bounty” by Saunder is a writing that touch many issues that people face in their society,and how others gets to have a miserable life because of who they are. According to “Bounty” by George Sounders writing it illustrate that identity lead society into moral dilemma, altruism and egoism.Through moral dilemma it demonstrate how people are willing to destroy you, because of your identity. While other try as hard as possible to contribute to your success, this action is called altruism. But there will be also other people that are egoism toward you and so they will do anything to get all the goods to themselves.

In George Saunder writing, he reveal how distinctiveness cause moral dilemma in society. In the “Bounty” page 108 it says that, “I can’t help it ….I got to do it..  You was smart enough to put some food aside. Anybody that smart’ll be okay. Now get out, I got to go save my boy.” This quote means that the man didn’t really want to take the food away but he was left with no choice, otherwise he could loose his boy due to food problem. However this man will hurt them by taking their foods away or even get hurt by them because they might try to defend themselves. However that didn’t prevent him from getting what he wants, since he has his gun with him so he took the risk to save his boy from hunger. The moral dilemma that this man was facing was risking his life to save his baby boy or not to put himself in danger and as a result he will loose his boy. ” I don’t fight back. Assuming they don’t kill me first, they’ll catch hell from Mayor John Garibasi” p116. This quote means that the person won’t fight them because he knows that they are stronger than him, however that won’t stop them from fighting him. All of this is due to the fact that people like him to have no human respect toward these people. So as we can see there is many challenges you might face because of your distinctiveness, which I believe is totally wrong and not fair to the others.

 In the “Bounty” by George Saunder he prove how personality constract egoism in a humanity circle. ” Christ!… I been standing here talking to a goddamned flawed as if he had a lick of sense. Ofter with drawn. Get your infections ass out of here and hit the road. now. Jesus. Disgusting.”p118. In another word this quote means that since his a flaw, he shouldn’t talk to him. It also shows that he doesn’t have nothing to do with people of his identity, by using inappropriate words and actions. This character also give importance to his time than a human being, who we know for fact deserve better treatment. Because human are create with emotion and passion while the time doesn’t. So this quote shows us that this character is an egoist, because he cares more about himself and whatever belong to him then others. “I can’t help but I feel like I was born in the wrong age. People then were giant.” This quote means that the character don’t agree with the moment he was born and at the same time doesn’t admired the fact that he exist in this society.  As you can see the only solution that this character can come with is to either abandon the society in which he lives or blame on the one who decided to make him part of this place. I mean there is a lot to worry about, for instance he could worry on how to change his society or bring new change for people. But instead his just examining the reasons he shouldn’t be here, which sociologist believe is egoism( not caring about others). In the “Bounty” the author demonstrate how identity can build egoism which lead to a lot of negative behavior from one another. Because not only it makes you wish you don’t belong to this place, but it also make you inhuman without feelings toward others.

 Referring at the ” Bounty” by Saunders it indicate how individuality build altruism in a society. “On the other hand someone attempting to across the Mississippi wearing a flawed bracelet wouldn’t exactly be greeted with open arm, and might indeed be greeted with open hackles” p111. This quote demonstrate that just because his a flawed (identity) he can’t achieve his dream. So as a result there will be people might treat him extremely horrible, because of his individuality. However the old woman still advice him not to go, since she cares and would do anything to stop him from putting himself in danger. This also shows the difference between  character in “Bounty”, because half of them characters are racist toward the flawers. ” I consider you a suicide. Good bye dear dead boy. Our lord has reserved a special place in limbo for these who put an end to themselves.” p122. Referring to this quote I believe it means that if the boy go to save her sister from been a prostitute slave it won’t help. the reasons is because it will only lead him to death just because of his individuality. However the woman didn’t told him exact what is going to happen to him for not getting him scared, but instead she try to prevent him from going to a dangerous place. This is connected to altruism because the old woman is fighting with the boy from not going there, so that he won’t commit a huge mistake that will take his life away. So as we can witness in Saunders writing it proves us that he touch a part of altruism, even though most of the part the flawers were isolated from the others. The old woman action prove that we shouldn’t just ignore people, because of their identity because it can lead you to a huge issues and confusion.

After reading saunders writing I get to notice that we human get to be treated differently base on their identity. In “Bounty” is a great example of how identity make their stories interesting and help us understand better create issues in our society, however it also shows in his writing that others like the old woman don’t support the idea. As you can see it’s amazing how this author make his story interesting and help us understand better what create problem between people that live in a same area. I believe it will be great to learn from such a great author or to be a great influence for others, because we know for fact that they are a lot of problems our societies are facing right now.

Advices about the letter

I think the writer’s moral dilemma is that she got too much to offer, so as a result even though she donates herself it won’t be enough for her. I think she cares too much for people that it makes her forget that she is not the one that controls every single thing. So in other words she can’t assure that everyone is happy in life, otherwise it will turn her from been an appreciative person to a person who care less about her and her family life. I also think that another dilemma she has is that the fact that she feels guilty for others which I think has to do with the fact that she doesn’t have any kids to spend her time with, because if she does she won’t have all of this time to think about all these things or even bother about it.  Therefore I advice to her will be to either have kinds on her own, if not maybe try to travel to countries with people she loves so that she can have a great time over there. She can also try to create organized for different cultures and ethnic so that she can not only meet different people, but she can also get herself busy and have interaction with others in a positive ways. But she just have to remember that she can never satisfied people because there needs will never end, and remember that the world it self is selfish sometimes. So don’t make your life miserable just because you think other are not having all there needs.

Plastic Bag and Synthesis

I think it end with the line” I wish you had made me so that I could die” because what ever the people the plastic bag love or have feelings get to die without him, so in another word they live him without a notice and unfortunately he can’t go there. I also think that the reason why the plastic bag keep on saying that his useless to animals is because animals can’t find any nutruction on him if they happen to eat him it will only cost them problem or lead them to death it won’t meet the animals needs; therefore whatever can’t meet your pleasure it useless. One way that this film reflect issues from this class is when the girl decided to get rid of the plastic bag since she thought that it wasn’t useful anymore. This reflect to the reading we did in class ” Waiting for Godo” Pozzo had Lucky for a long period on his services, but when he notice that Lucky wasn’t meeting his pleasure he decided to get rid of him since he was useless to him. Another way this film reflect to this class is when the plastic thought to himself that life has no meaning because every time he value something that thing get to disappear either by deaf or by him locating to another place; which is connect to Absurdism because that belief strongly believe that life has no meaning and so if you try to find the meaning of your life you will end up disappointed. I believe the way that this movie is connected to Chemistry is when the plastic stays in water for a long time and still wasn’t destroyed and so I had learned in Chemistry that plastic can’t never be destroyed however it can be breaking down.In the movie we saw a lot of trash in the water,( where people trow the plastic bag in water) and fishes were eating these trash  which will probably kill them, so we should consider recycling because throwing garbage in the water is really harmful to other species. The Film also shows the problem that human beings are causing to earth, the trash that we throw in the water are chemicals dangerous to animals who lives in water and can kill them really quite without us noticing that.

The picture observation

1)In this picture I see a woman with tree kids, two of them are hugging her but don’t wan to show their faces while the other one is a little baby so she’s seating  on her legs. The woman is seating with her hands cheeks and seems extremely worry with a confuse face, they all have short hair and their clothes look really old and dirty.

2) When I look at this picture I capture poverty in the society which these people live in, how difficult it is to survive in this place. So by looking at this picture it gives me a sad feelings it makes me wish there was something I could do to help, because I know that these people really need supports.

3) By looking at this picture I believe that this people are from Asia specially from Germany. There is a mother and trees boys or girls I can’t really tell, however what I can say for sure is that this people are definitely poor and might have nowhere to go. So since they don’t have house to go they are just waiting for Godot just like the people in New Orland. This clue of my believe is their way of dressing I mean is mess and dirty and so instead of the baby sleeping in her bed she’s in her mother laps.

4)If I happen to be in this scene in the past, I would have tried all my best to survive even though it would have been so hard, which I believe is what these people were trying to do as well.Therefore I won’t be making kids like that because then I will feel guilty to whatever happen to them.

5)Base on this picture I can say that this picture was taking back in the days, and my reason for that will be the fact that this picture have no color and I know for sure picture like that has to be back in the days.

6) The clues I see in this picture is that there is a lot of poverty no people beside these 4,no houses nothing actually around them at all.

7)The evidences I see about social status is that the poor people live in the worst place where rich people live in the better place no matter what the circumstances are.

8) This story is reminding me when a small revolution happen in my country, many things was destroyed for example people house got burned, gas stations got damaged and many people got killed like my uncle. The only story I can build base on this is that there was a war in a country where it affect the people is a really bad way so as a result it brought poverty to the country. Many people died because of diseases, hungry and so only few survive which happen to be one of these people in the picture

Is Wal- Mart good/ Should it come to New York City

In my own knowledge I think that wal-mart shouldn’t come to New-York city, because it will create many problems for the society and it people. It is true that it will make life easy for people when it comes to get their needs, for example nitruction, clothing and all other stuff but then it will be really hard for the people to get money.1) Looking at the strategies concept that wal-mart use it create low prices food consumers which lead to low employee wages and benefit, so in another word there won’t be enough available for people which will lead them to use their savings and later on end up been poor. However this with the low prices consumers also get to save a lot of money, because with the cheap product people only spend a small amount of money to get the products they desired. 2)But what we have to question ourselves are what is the consequences of this saving , who are paying for the discount we are getting and what about the workers who make this products. 3)Well we should know that Wal-Mart try all their best to low their prices for us by pushing other companies to close their business which lead workers to lose their jobs. 4)Referring also to the video in class it shows us that Wal-mart somehow help china to develop their economy, but it explore workers for example in China workers live in the factory in which they work in so in another word these workers don’t have no life. 5)”There are great store in New-York with great retails for consumers, so we don’t Wal-mart because it can also undercut stores.” According to Mr Ott, I also agree with this quote because Wal-mart will only going to creat unemployement in New-York city which I believe is not really what we are looking in a society in order for it to develop.

hahhaahahha wat a smart students lolll so proud of uuuuuu

hahhaahahha wat a smart students lolll so proud of uuuuuu

Sociological Imagination part2

1) The Yeltsin, Offhandeldly, Names envoy to the United States, this is connected to my life because if this didn’t happen there wouldn’t be people from different places migrate to the United States. So in that case I wouldn’t be allow to migrate over here to get my education so as others, this effect my life in a positive way because it help me to move over here in a great ways.

2) One of the most even to me that happen in Guinea was when we had a revolution, I don’t remember exactly the date but I know for certain that the revolution cost my uncle death because he was part of the government. This effected my life because I was force to go to live in a place where I don’t belong and to go to a underfunded school due to the mney issues.  This effect my life in a negative ways because not only I lost my adorable uncle but also couldn’t attend a school where I could build my future.

3) Sociological imagination is the connection between personal troubles and public issues, the connection between biography and history and the connnection between individual and wider Society. Therefore this project is an example of sociological imagination because it shows us the connection between my life and history.

Sociological Imagination Project, Part 1: Collecting Information

5 world headlines

  1. Dead Mediterranean Dolphins Give Nations Pause


    February 2, 1992 -   - World - News - 852 words
  2. Ex-Minister in Japan Indicted in Bribery Case

    In a serious blow to Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, Japanese prosecutors indicted a former Cabinet minister today on charges of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes. The former minister, Fumio Abe, who led Mr. Miyazawa’s party faction unt…

    February 2, 1992 - - World - News - 420 words
  3. 15 Are Injured as Earthquake Rocks Tokyo

    A strong earthquake shook the Tokyo area early today, jolting buildings and awakening people before dawn. At least 15 people were injured. No deaths were reported in the earthquake, which struck at 4:04 A.M….

    February 2, 1992 - - World - News - 152 words
  4. Yeltsin, Offhandedly, Names Envoy to the United States

    President Boris N. Yeltsin named the chairman of the Russian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Friday as Ambassador to the United States….

    February 2, 1992 - - World - News - 93 words
  5. 5 Killed, Algerian Muslims Say

    Muslim fundamentalists said today that five people had died in clashes with the police at prayer services on Friday, in the most serious unrest since the Algerian military took power. The Islamic Salvation Front said clashes broke out in 12 of Algeria’s 4…

    February 2, 1992 - - World - News - 58 words

5 U.S headlines

  1. Doctors Continuing to Inject Silicone Despite F.D.A. Warnings, Agency Says


    February 2, 1992 -   - U.S. - News - 1767 words
  2. Bias Law Casts Pall Over New Orleans Mardi Gras


    February 2, 1992 -   - U.S. - News - 1388 words
  3. Many State Lotteries Feel the Pinch of Recession, and Perhaps Monotony


    February 2, 1992 -   - U.S. - News - 1365 words
  4. Morrilton Journal; Old-Time Politician Tells the Truth, Maybe

    For years, there was talk that the elections in Conway County were rigged. But there was never any hard evidence. Then, a few weeks ago, 200 forged paper ballots from a 1968 Democratic primary were discovered in a Piggly Wiggly grocery sack in the attic o…

    February 2, 1992 - - U.S. - News - 841 words
  5. Court Again Rejects How Texas Finances Schools

    The Texas Supreme Court has again ruled that the state’s “Robin Hood” method of financing its public schools is unconstitutional. But recognizing the potential damage of its decision, the court has given the Legislature until June 1, 1993, to devise an al…

    February 2, 1992 - - Education - News - 653 words

2 articles summary

HOUSTON, Jan. 31— The Texas Supreme Court has again ruled that the state’s “Robin Hood” method of financing its public schools is unconstitutional. But by recognizing the percentage damage of its decision, the court has given the Legislature until June 1, 1993, to devise an alternative.

 The European Union should cut off funds to Palestinian security services in the West Bank until the Palestinians investigate accusations of abuse against protesters, a human rights group said.

2 headlines related to my native country

There was spread of diseases in the villages

There was a revolution

Crowded city

Essay Semester2

As we know many people have thousand of questions about the world we are living in and the how people intereact, and what is the cause of certain bad influence in our society however only few know the answer (Sociologist). Sociologists are scientific study of societies and the behavior of people in groups, this means they study every single move that people do and even the way they communicate. This is also related to natural science and social science, because it all has to do with the study of people and their environment. However at this time you might wonder what is the difference between social sciences and natural sciences and the difference between sociology and other social sciences. For now you should just remember that all of these study science and human life, but somehow they are diver in different studies.

First all we know that social science is a particular subject relating to the study of people in society, while natural science is a study of chemistry,biology, and physics considered together as a subject for study or one of these subject. So as you can see that on social science sociologist focus most of their attention on people issues toward the societies, how the government decision affect the people’s live (#3).  Where in the other hand natural science is more deep in the study of natural thing that you can find in the nature, which is more likely connected to chemistry where they can deal with atoms and formulas,For example it study rocks, mountains, ocean everything that is natural in life (#2). However the similarity will be juovermst that these two fields focus on the issues in the world and are trying to find researches that can be helpful on our societies.

In addition you can see how science is connected to sociology, because it is a scientific study of societies and the behavior of people in groups. This means that sociology focus on establishing the social context that influence people, it place a strong emphasis on social class and focus on the power structure of groups (#3). However this is different from social sciences because it focus more it attention on history, political science and economics. So looking at this we know that all of this part focus most likely in the government reaction toward the people, for example how the governors rule people how the make sure that they keep their jobs.(#3).  It also focus also on determining the cost of a problem in society, social science might also give series of tests to examine whether people are more insecure dominant then the others (#4)

Finally after reading this you can make the difference between natural and social science and the difference between sociology and social sciences. However always remember that most of the things that have to deal with science have most of the time have to do with society, and for sure we know that society is the place that human live in. However just remember that each of this part of science study different things depending on the sociologist interest, but it is also connected in away that it all study the nature and human in general.



“people think life is like water”
definitely not
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